Doggies! Live and in action.

Unfortunately, we have a few random outages a day that we haven't been able to completely solve, so you may see a camera offline from time to time (except for Blue room, which never goes out for some reason). Fortunately the outages are typically brief, so if your dog is in a room that's off line, give it five to ten minutes, and chances are very good that the camera will reconnect itself. Apologies  for the inconvenience, and we'll keep an eye out for solves to get uptime to 100%.

Blue room

Outside blue

Red room

Outside red

Orange room


Not seeing what you should be seeing?

Technology is great, but not perfect. Fortunately the Nest cams we use work for most of our customers. But some people have had issues.

If you're getting the error message, "No compatible source was found for this media," try updating your browser version or using a different browser. That seems to work for people. 

If you're seeing the message, "This camera is missing in action," then there's a problem on our end. Nest is great about alerting us when cameras go offline, but we appreciate you letting us know so we can get things taken care of quickly. Email

If you're experiencing other issues, please let us know and we'll pass them on to Nest.