Doggies! Live and in action.

Enjoy every second of your doggy's time at Here, Doggy! All of our doggy handling methods are based on proven methods for maintaining a healthy and happy pack. We regularly use time outs—temporarily placing dogs who display behaviors that disturb pack calm and safety (like excessive barking, overly rough play, or mounting) into solitary, yet safe environments.  Feel free to reach out with questions.

Camera not working? We turn the cameras off after hours since there’s no more action to see. We also occasionally have outages during the day, but the cameras usually come back online within a few minutes. 

Blue Room

Outside Blue

Red Room

Red Room 2

Outside Red

Orange room

Outside Tree Room

Field 1

Field 2

Splash (the open door leads into the bedroom and back patio, so the little guys have snuggle and outside spots)