We know how to throw a slumber party

When you're out of town or just want a night out in the city after work, Here, Doggy! is your worry-free—and cage-free—option for boarding. And we're just minutes from SFO.

Just like at daycare, your doggy will have other dogs and human friends to snuggle up to at bedtime. No locked crates, rooms, or kennels. Just a big doggy slumber party (with a human there to make sure they don't stay up all night!). 

Our prices  

All dogs who board with us must also attend daycare during their stay. If you pick your dog up in the morning, you will not be charged for daycare on the last day of their stay.

  • 1 day ($39) / 1 night ($24) = $63 (additional dog is $58)

  • 2 days ($78) / 1 night ($24) = $102

  • 10 pack of daycare ($345) + 10 pack of sleepovers ($200) = $545  ($56.50 per day)

  • 20 pack of daycare ($600) + 20 pack of sleepovers ($420) = $1,020 ($51 per day)

We charge an additional $10 per night between 11/24 and 12/1 and between 12/20 and 1/2.

While most dogs love cage-free boarding, it’s not the right fit for everyone. To ensure our guests are happy and comfortable in this environment, all dogs must pass our free, full-day temperament evaluation and (in most cases) attend daycare before boarding with us