Refer a friend

Like Here, Doggy? Get a friend to sign up, and we'll give you a free day of daycare. Just have your friend mention you in their application. As soon as they sign up for their first day of daycare, we'll give you a day of daycare on the house. No limits! The more friends you recommend, the more free days you get.

Muttville adoption discount*

We think it’s pretty special when someone decides to adopt an older dog and give them a new lease on life, so we offer a 5% discount if you adopted your dog from Muttville or another senior dog rescue organization.

Corporate discounts*

We offer 5% discounts for employees at multiple peninsula-based corporations, including Genentech, Plenty,, and YouTube, for as long as you're with the company. Same goes for cops, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and active military.*

We're just getting started with the corporate discount thing, so if you know another local corp with a lot of dog parents, let us know.  

Cash discount*

What we save in credit card fees, we pass on to you. Pay for your daycare and/or sleepover packages in cash and receive a 3(ish)% discount.

*Discounts cannot be combined.

Discounts do not apply to grooming, retail products, or additional services/fees. We're just a small business running on the honor system. Let's please keep it that way.