Being a doggy is a dirty job, but they just gotta do it

From prestigious purebreds to majorly mixed mutts, dogs dig dirt.  So, our highly experienced groomer and stylist, Mauricio, is on-hand wash off a hard day's play—or even provide a show dog cut and styling.

All prices are approximate, depending on the condition of your doggy's hair (those long-haired pups can get pretty matted sometimes). 

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Approximate pricing

New customers get 5% off their first groom.

All grooms include a nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression (if needed).
Please note that we can't give you an exact price until our groomer has worked his magic.

Small doggy (1-15 lb) - $30-70

Medium doggy (16-39 lb) - $55-$80

Large doggy (40-70 lb) - $65-$95

XL doggy (71+ lb) - $85-$150

Odds, ends, and trims

Nail trim - $15-$25

Anal gland expression - $15


Don't have a Here, Doggy! account? Call (650) 410-0180 to book now.