­Enrichment add-ons for your dog’s daycare or boarding

Our daycare and boarding services already provide tender care, safety, and friendship for your best friend. We're proud to also feature the extra pampering of Enrichment Add-Ons.

Involving all of your dog’s senses—vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste—our short, enriching activities stimulate emotional and mental wellbeing—and are just plain fun!


Mental Challenge Course

Sniff for hidden treats under objects. Search for stimulating noisemaker toys. Solve puzzle challenges. Play hide-and-seek in a tunnel! It’s all part of a brain teaser session meant to stimulate and invigorate your pooch.

One-to-One Fetch

You know your dog lives for one-to-one time with you. But when you’re not here, what’s the next best thing? Us! We’ll give your fuzzball all of our love and attention in a hammed-up fetch session sure to delight and entertain!

    Luxury Massage

    A private table with soft music, candles, aromatherapy, and tender touch stimulates circulation, calms, and relaxes. Attention is paid to every muscle from the superficial gluteal to the scapular deltoid—and everything in between. A light brush down completes the experience. Massage can reduce pain, stiffness, and stress, increase range of motion and synovial fluid, speed healing, help discover abnormalities, and strengthen bonding.


    • Individual sessions: $15
    • Six-pack: $84 ($14/session)

    Book now or find out more by reaching out to us at contact@heredoggydaycare.com.